Musical Directors

Peter Mumford, Connor Judd, MaryAnne Beames

It's like buses, you wait and wait ... well, three came along and we work together, each bringing something different to the mix.

Peter Mumford

I spent my spare time during college years singing in choirs, learning to play guitar and improving my piano skills. Along the way, I met some very talented ‘amateurs’ and some seriously good musicians at Royal College of Music. Later I played piano for a theatre group, and have also accompanied singers in our charity shows. I have enjoyed singing many forms of music over the years, from a cappella choirs to folk clubs, a madrigal group, and for more than 20 years as a Barbershop Baritone. Part of my interest has been arranging popular songs for harmony singing, and several are still currently being sung in choirs or barbershop quartets.
I served as Musical Director of Solent City Chorus for 5 years and have been Co-Director of Folks in Harmony since 2014.

Connor Judd


MaryAnne Beames

From church and school choirs to adult choirs, I've been singing my way through life as an alto with enthusiasm. When the need arose unexpectedly I stepped up to the role of conductor, eagerly devouring training courses with the Association of British Choral Directors, The British Kodaly Academy, BABS Harmony College and the ABRSM. Now part of a bigger conducting team, I know that my place is really to keep the other two Co-Directors organised!


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