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As a non-profit group, Folks in Harmony is self funded with all revenue directed to the running of the Folks In Harmony.  We would very much appreciate the sponsorship of any company or individual willing to provide us with financial support, or even just to help fund a particular expense.

Support Folks In Harmony without it costing you a penny! 

Easyfundraising provides a free way for supporters to donate with no cost to you. Partnered with over 7,000 brands, when you spend, the brands donate a percentage of your purchase price to us.

Please join us in supporting Folks In Harmony on #easyfundraising, you'll raise FREE donations with your everyday shopping. It's quick and easy to sign up! Plus, once you've raised your first £5, easyfundraising will double it!
Sign up now: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/support-a-good-cause/step-1/?invite=QPEZJY&char=154685&referral-campaign=s2s&utm_source=refsharebox

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